Stephen Lang


STEPHEN LANG is an American born actor and playwright. He is best known for his role as Colonel Miles Quaritch in James Cameron's AVATAR and will begin filming the sequels this summer. Lang just wrapped filming Peter Jackson’s highly anticipated project MORTAL ENGINES based on Philip Reeve’s fantasy series. Jackson both co-wrote and produced the adaptation, which was shot in his home country of New Zealand. This year Lang also reprised the fan-favorite role of Waldo on the second season of AMC's genre-bending martial arts series, INTO THE BADLANDS. Additionally, he starred in Fede Alvarez’s critically acclaimed thriller DON'T BREATHE which shattered numerous box office records. Lang’s performance as ‘The Blind Man’ garnered critical accolades across industry. Other upcoming films include HOSTILES, ISOLATION, GRIDLOCKED, BRAVEN, BEYOND VALKYRIE and JUSTICE.

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